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Designed for serious volume artists and framers, the LOGAN 655-1 Framer's Edge mat cutter is a heavy-duty, high-yield mat cutter with dual-purpose flat and bevel cutting heads on a solid 3/4" MDF base. The movable production stop system allows for much faster repeat cuts, crucial to saving time and maximizing overall accuracy.

  • two quick-change miter handles - 9" (23cm) and 32" (81cm)
  • super smooth, ball-guided cutting head
  • Opportunity to cut 4 and 8 layers
  • start and stop indicator
  • adjustable production stops
  • parallel mop guide with aluminum channel
  • 10 extra blades
  • free 96 pages Home Picture Framing book

The LOGAN 655-1 Framer's Edge is for serious volume artists or framers who need to make repeated interruptions in production, and educational environments with multiple users.

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